Breitling Navitimer GMT 48mm Replica Watches Hands-On

The most recent Breitling Navitimer versions are new GMT versions that sport quite beefy 48mm wide cases and also new 46mm wide Navitimer versions — aBlogtoWatch debuted the 2014 Navitimer GMT watches . Breitling navitimer 1461 48 blacksteel limited edition replica watch makes watches for guys who like big watches. That might just be a fantastic slogan for the brand moving forward. Actually, one of the mainstream luxury brands, Breliting is one of the few that routinely make watches that I really find too big for my wrists — and now I’m a man who enjoys large watches. It means bigger guys who like to show-off have considerable choice inside the Breitling product catalog. So with this said, let’s take a peek at the newest Breitling Navitimer GMT and see whether your wrist could brave it.

To be fair, the Breitling Navitimer 1 B04 Chronograph GMT 48 imitation watch isn’t that much bigger than other Navitimer models (though it’s possible to get Breitiling Navimtimer collection pieces as little as 40mm wide, I think ). The Breitling Navitimer 01 (hands on aBlogtoWatch review ) is 46mm wide. The two these watches include in-house made Breitling mechanical chronograph movements. While the three-hand version includes the caliber 01 moves, the brand new Breitling Navitimer GMT contains Breitling caliber 04 — which only adds a GMT hand for a 24 hour period or a second time zone to another features such as 12 hour chronograph.

I really don’t know why Breitling navitimer 1 2018 replica watch decided to grow the GMT’s dimensions 2mm over the standard chronograph movement-based Navitimer 01. Actually, I’ve got some pretty great ideas why however. Watch brands occasionally do this so as to create added differentiating factors between their watches that, for the consumer, the choice isn’t only”GMT hand or not.” I really don’t think there was an outcry from Breitling consumers that 48mm wide Navitimer options were needed. It does help offer additional flavor though, if you are the type of person keen on the Navitimer family — one of Breitling’s earliest collections that started from the 1950s. Furthermore, this is not the only available Breitling Navitimer with a GMT hand.

Along with the 48mm wide GMT Breitling  navitimer 1952 imitation watch also generates the rather less expensive Navitimer World which comes in a 46mm wide case and contains a chronograph/GMT complication. The difference is that the Navitimer World doesn’t have an in-house manufactured motion. It’s Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750-based movement which has a distinct chronograph design. Ironically, the”tri-compax” layout of the Breitling caliber 04 movement is somewhat more attractive. More so, the grade 04 equipped versions have a sapphire crystal window display caseback — which remains something uncommon for Breitling watches.

The wide dial periphery and slide-rule provide each Navitimer its distinctive looks — a design that you can not different from Breitling. It is a real design classic, and if you’re seeking to collect a serious”well-rounded” watch set you may want to think about adding one of those many Navitimer versions Breitling Navitimer 1 B04 Chronograph GMT 48 Replica watch has produced through the years for this. There have been more than enough versions made to make most anybody happy.

While it’s possible to find a Navitimer from 18k red gold (like the new Breitling Navitimer GMT as a limited edition ref. RB044121|BD30|441X|R20BA.1), for me personally, this is a watch meant to be owned in Breitling’s exceptionally polished steel case. Few Swiss brands today are as dedicated to the iconic and ageless allure of a well-polished case. Although you may opt for plenty of other Breitling models in brushed cases, which will be somewhat more”stealthy” in appearance.

The Breitiling Navitimer GMT is not the only timepiece recently released by the brand with a fairly large size. Having said that, Breitling has also been releasing smaller models for men as small as 38mm wide, I believe. That indicates you have a lot of interesting options from 38mm — 48mm wide when looking in the brand. While it isn’t hard to say that it takes a professional to differentiate many Breitling watches from one another (not too far from the truth), the manufacturer can be complimented for supplying a severe plethora of choices for individuals looking to locate the ideal item when desiring to possess something out of your brand.