Breitling Cockpit B50 Aviator’s Chronograph Imitation Watches

To be frank, I can’t really say the news of Breitling Cockpit Replica watch functioning on its “in-house” SuperQuartz chronograph shattered the flooring underneath yours truly. From the world where people is gradually growing reluctant to purchase ultra-expensive timekeepers which are powered by run-of-the-mill mechanics basically available to any Joe Blow willing to establish his own luxury brand, it was only a matter of time before a watchmaking behemoth such as Breitling cockpit b49350 replica watch would decide to make a mechanism which would just power their own timekeepers.

Moreover, in a universe where there heaps of independent builders prepared to supply you with all of the components required to construct such a mechanism, the move is also not especially cost prohibitive or time intensive.

As one could have anticipated, the Caliber B50 movement doesn’t provide anything terribly radical about its performance delivering you the usual mix of a flight period chronograph, a couple of sockets, a digital tachometer, UTC assistance and, of course, their signature mixture of an analogue three-hander with an LCD screen, which is visible through a set of large apertures in lower and upper components of dial.

However, like it’s frequently true with luxury timepieces, there are plenty of tiny details which make this watch quite desirable. Its tasteful blue backlighting, for example, may change on automatically when you lift your hands closer to your own eyes a must have when you are busy piloting your airplane through a storm or driving your car at night on a winding rural road.

The symbols on the LCD screen are now assembled of more elements allowing for superior legibility in regards to short fragments of texts.

Of course, this is not a G-Shock and Breitling cockpit b50 night mission replica watch simply couldn’t manage cluttering the gadget body using knobs and inscriptions, thus there is only the usual set of chronograph push-pieces (quite thoroughly completed, I have to admit) and a slightly oversized crown that controls the”electronic” performance of the watch for example manual backlight switch.

Contrary to the new Apple Watch that still looks more like small smartphone on your wrist, this brand new Breitling  cockpit lady imitation watch Cockpit B50 bears most of the usual features of a Breitling cockpit chronograph imitation watch chronograph. Utilizing the identical design language because their latest Emergency II life saver, the watch comes in an oversized (but not too so at healthy 46 millimeters wide and less than 17 mm thick) titanium, which is available either in classic untreated, or in their new”strategic” blacked variation.

Yes, smaller guys will most likely have to pass this beautiful gadget, but people who have more impressive stature will most likely be quite okay sporting this model with jeans or something equally casual.